What fitness actually means

Working as a fitness instructor one thing that came to my mind was “what is fitness?”
Over the years I have found out that,
Fitness is our basic ability to move other things, to move our body, and to do those things in combination. It’s that overlapping of ability that exists when you have a weightlifter, a gymnast, and a runner, it’s the past in the middle that intersects. And the bigger that part is the more fit you are. Basically, fitness is your ability to perform right here, right now. But usually, I see fit “looking “ people are labelled as “being fit” people. Though these two are very different things. If we look after our fitness, looking good usually comes as a bi-product.
So what is this “looking good”???
Basically, it's our muscles that show. And even when it comes to muscle building, some terrible myths are still there from eternity. The godfather of them all is

If it was so then the sprinters, footballers, rugby players, decathletes and many more wouldn’t have the physique we all desire.

Basically, Isolation training is to train one singular body part per movement. But we forget to prioritize the basic fundamental movements like deadlift squat etc when these are the most primitive works when it comes to muscle gain. There are endless myths like this that can be discussed. Working in the fitness industry for 7 years I have found out that 90% of gym-going people are so engrossed in working out in machines that it is being overlooked that our body is the perfect example of what a machine looks like. And it is not changing pretty soon. These People come to the gym just to look fit. But when their mentality will change, when people will come to a gym and ask “where are the machines” then it will be a proud moment for us, the fitness instructors to answer “we are the machines”.

Kingshuk Das,
Certified Personal Trainer- National Institute of Fitness studies & Faculty. A lifestyle coach, Olympic lifting & functional training Expert.