Everything you need to know about Kettlebells

Kettlebells are pieces of equipment kept somewhere around the corner in the gym, but if people like us pick them up, and give them the same value as dumbbells and barbells then great things happen.

Have you ever walked by a rack of kettlebells at your gym and wondered if you should incorporate them into your workout? Kettlebells can be intimidating as they’ve typically been used in competitions.

That perception is changing as kettlebells are becoming more popular in gyms, backyards, and garages throughout the world.

Why is there such an appeal to using kettlebells for training? One of the biggest benefits of kettlebells is they’re portable and don’t take up a lot of space. Another reason is that a kettlebell workout can burn around 300-400 calories in 20 minutes, producing results promptly.

Kettlebells give you strong grips and powerful forearms. They don’t require a large training space and reduces overall workout time. They can be used in strength and power training with cardio.

Explosive workouts help burn more calories and can improve your stability and strength. The greatest thing about kettlebells is that they’re versatile, affordable and provide a full-body workout.

Written by: Danish Naushad
(Ex-Student & Faculty- National Institute of Fitness Studies, Kolkata; 6 times KB national champion & National record Holder; FitIndia Ambassador; My Protein Ambassador; going to represent India in the world championship this year)